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Patient Testimonials

“Very fine and we already have recommended a person who gave excellent feedback.”

– Doris C.

“In my opinion, Envision Eyecare Center is the Cadillac of all Eyecare Centers. I first wore glasses when I was in the seventh grade (56 years ago) so I have seen and been to many, many Eyecare Centers (in OH and in Tucson) over the years. I thank you so much for your thoroughness and caring. I plan to recommend your Eyecare Center to family and friends soon.”

– Linda K

“I have always received wonderful care from the Dr. and staff. I have recommended Dr. Barry several times although I do not know if the individuals followed up with your office. I always have positive feedback about my visits.”

– Natalie

“You’re all doing a great job!”

– JG

“We have already recommended you several times! We couldn’t be happier with the entire staff!”

– JW