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Diabetes Information

From Dr. Nguyen

If you have diabetes, regular visits to your optometrist for eye exams are important to avoid eye problems.  High blood sugar (glucose) increases the risk of diabetes eye problems.  In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in adults age 20 to 74.  Extreme spikes and drops in blood sugar not only results in blurry vision, which can come and go, but may cause more serious eye problems.

A common complication of diabetes is diabetic retinopathy, which is damage to the delicate blood vessels of the retina.  Just as diabetes affects small blood vessels in the rest of the body, similar damage can occur inside the eyes with little noticeable symptoms at first.  Damaged blood vessels leak blood and fluid that cause swelling of retinal tissue and blurry vision.  Although not every patient with diabetes develops retinopathy, the chances of developing it do increase after having diabetes for several years.  If left untreated, diabetic retinopathy can cause blindness.  Other major eye problems that people with diabetes may develop are cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment.

Early diagnosis and timely treatment is essential.  That’s why it is important to have your eyes examined regularly by a doctor of optometry and to manage your blood sugar well.  At Envision Eyecare Center, we regularly perform medical eye exams to check for diabetic complications and explain treatment options.  This involves a detailed dilated eye exam, including our advanced computer-assisted photography and imaging of the retina.  We can be your advocate and help you to be proactive in your management of diabetes.  By taking the proper steps to help prevent problems, you can enjoy a lifetime of good vision and health.